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Today, people respond to information only when it's packaged and communicated in a compelling manner. This is even more the case on the Internet. The multitude of messages hitting people on the Internet raises the need for a whole new approach to make sure you get your message out to your audience. And as the bandwidth of the Internet increases, the information you communicate over the Internet will demand increasingly sophisticated digital media production and programming.

Our development services may be utilized on their own or in conjunction with our management services. In either case, your site will benefit from our complete range of digital production and programming capabilities.

As we believe that every site should be built based on clearly defined objectives, there are no strict parameters to our basic site development. As per our fee guide, pricing is based on the amount of pages measured against the complexity of the site. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Our development services include:


New Media Design involves the integration of defined content elements within a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing interface. An interactive map is structured to define the basic architecture, developed to effectively communicate and fulfill the site's objectives. A basic level of design is included with all Development Packages. Services are also available on an hourly, daily or project oriented basis.


Our graphic services are utilized to provide fresh, complimentary approaches involving the creation and management of digital art for interactive media. Utilizing tools from leading software companies, including Adobe and Macromedia, your site is enhanced with optimized, relevant graphics and photographs. We can improve upon existing digital assets, scan from existing materials, and enhance existing photographs. We can also develop custom graphics or schedule a photo shoot.


Utilizing Macromedia Flash, vector-based animations can be created to add pizzazz to your site. Animated GIFs make ordinary pages come alive. Java allows for true animated functionality, while JavaScript allows for varied interaction. And DHTML allows standard text and graphics to literally "fly" across the page. Once your graphics are developed, these and other programming technologies can make your site come alive.

Audio and Video

We can capture, convert, and edit your existing audio sequence or have one composed for you. Your existing video footage can also be adapted for downloading via your site. We can even setup live webcasts!

Audio and video may be streamed from our servers to your web audience utilizing the Helix Universal Server from RealNetworks. The Helix Universal Media Server is the only universal platform with support for live and on-demand delivery of all major file formats, including Real Media, Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG 4, MP3, and more. As the bandwidth of the Internet rises, the volume and complexity of audio and video information you can communicate over the Internet will increase. InterArt helps you take advantage of this evolution as it is being realized. We can show you how the use of audio may enhance the website experience.


Much of the functional "behind the scenes" work to make your site successful involves programming – for CGI scripts, databases, forms, email ...and much more. Programming is also involved in everything from text layout to animation. As new standards are being formed, the divergent browser-dependent audience must be recognized. The types and complexity of programming necessary to enhance your site and make it a success are made available for utilization as required.
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